Contest Format
Part I: Written Quiz : (For group 4 and 5 only) 10 multiple choice questions and 2 short answer questions, in
written form will be asked. Four of the question will be asked from the assigned paurhi and rest of the questions
will be from overall Japuji Sahib. Ask the coordinator for a sample.

Part II: Recitation: Part II: Recitation:
For this section you have to memorize the number of pauries assigned to your age group. You will be asked to
recite 2 pauries randomly  drawn. There is no time limit for this part.
Take extra care to clearly and correctly pronounce laga-matras as written in Gurbani

Part III: Speech: .
For this part try to learn the meanings of the given pauries. Discuss the message given in these pauries with your
parents and other gursikhs to elaborate Guru Ji' message. Find out
what you think about this message and how would you implement this message in your/our daily life. Then
summarize your findings in a speech form for the competition. You can back up your idea with examples from
Gurbani Focus on the message only.
Local Contacts:
In Gurbaani Contest the participants are judged in the area of clear pronunciation of Gurbani, understanding of
speaking participants receive special cash prizes at the final contest.Gurbani, language, clarity, style and delivery.
Cash prizes, trophies and other awards are Gurbani, language, clarity, style and delivery. Cash prizes, trophies and
other awards are presented to participants depending upon their performance and available budget. Punjabi speaking
participants receive special cash prizes at the final contest.
Date Of Birth
Speech time
01/01/09  -   Today
Any Shabad
2 min
01/01/06 - 12/31/08
First 7 Pauries
Pauri # 2 Hukmee hovan aakaar....
4 min
07/01/03 - 12/31/05
First 15 pauries
Pauri #5 Thaapia na jaey keeta na hovay.
5 min
01/01/01 - 06/30/03
First 27 pauris  
Pauri #26 Amul gun amul vapaar..
6 min
Before      12/31/2000
Complete Japuji  
Salok -Pavan guru paani pita...
6 min
-Part1 Quiz
-Part II Recitation
-Part II Gurbani Shudhtta
-Part III Eye Contact
-Part III Language Clarity
-Part III Style and overall  
15 points
30 points
20 points
30 points
05 points
05 points
05 points
05 points
Final contest for year will be held in at Gurdwara
Sahib Fremont
For local contest dates please check with your local
Bhupinder Singh

Arvinder Kaur
San Jose
Rajinder Singh
Yuba City
Balbir Singh Dhillon
ENROLL for this year is CLOSED now
Mission Statement: “To Provide ways and means for the
Sikh Youth to grow up as a confident Gursikh by:

  • Memorizing Gurbani/
  • Understanding and appreciating the importance of Gurbani
  • Seeking Sikh virtues, as enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib
    Ji and
  • Developing presentation skills”